Christians are forever

The most common form of Christianity in America today is different from times past.  It is cheap, it doesn't upset anybody, requires no sacrifice, costs nothing and is worth nothing.

Most of todays Christians are caught up in the times.  The important things in life are money, cars, jewelry, pills, sex,  iphones, etc., etc..  Throw in a little greed, lies and some jealousy over the years and your christian lifes are not so christian.  Now most of you haven't shot anybody or robbed a bank yet and some of you even go to church on Christmas and Easter.   

Then you die.  That's it.
Your off to heaven.  Right!!

Well, wait a minute.  Let's think about that!
An Overview

Baptism incorporates an individual into the body of Jesus Christ (the church) and through Baptism we are freed from sin and reborn as sons of God.  From that time on most Christians receive various degree of   instructions in the bible, the teachings of Jesus Christ, prayers, the Ten Commandments, right from wrong, etc., etc..  
Many who plan to seek God at the eleventh hour, die at 10:30.
I'll have to remember to tell God I love him some day
The Problem
Baptism is birth into the new life in Christ

Consider the liberalization of America (aka The Attack on Religious Freedoms) that's been going on for the last few generations.  Think about it!  A definition of "Liberal" in the dictionary is "lacking moral restraint" and over the years the liberals have been eating away at the more subdued, religious oriented conservatives.  The country now has an established secular society in place, which believes that their freedoms should not be curtailed or hindered by old laws that were based on religious doctrine.  In order to gain and expand their secular freedoms they are attacking those laws in Town Halls, Courts of Law and in State Capitals all across the country.   

 This has become a problem because our current government is generally in accord with this philosophy along with the media and the majority of the people who do the electing.  Why?  Because people have figured out how to get what they want and not what they need.  If you vote for a liberal representative they'll promise you anything.  So religion is on the way out and sex, abortions, gays, drugs, etc. are in.  It's the separation of Church and State taken to a new level and there's no end in sight.  

  Well most of them have been lingering around all these years being slowly drawn into the secular movement by all that freedom and fun you can have by ignoring the Ten Commandments and the teachings of Jesus and on and on.

  Consider this:    According to Wikipedia 73% of Americans claim to be Christians, which is about 234,000,000 people.  Now the Hartford Institute for Religion Research says that only 20% of the 73% go to church on Sunday.  So we have about 187,000,000 Christians that don't bother with church.  Now if you can't spend at least one hour a week in a church, your probably not a real good candidate for eternal life with God to begin with.  Throw in your acceptance of abortions, gay life, adultery, no marriage familys, greed, hate, anger, pride, etc., etc. and you need to quit pretending your a Christian.  If you only seek God when you have a catastrophe and you need a quick miracle, forget it.  It doesn't work that way.    

From a religious standpoint it's a pretty bleak picture.  A Satanic world is emerging as the spiritual world of God, Jesus and Heaven give way.  And yes, the beginning of the end has begun and the tribulations are upon us.  Around the world Christians are being persecuted for their beliefs because those beliefs stifle the evil in this world and  hinder the growth of the dark side of human life.  
One of two choices! 
".....that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."
Running head on!

And why is christian life so different than in times past? 

First of all, if your a Christian then you've been Baptised.   

So where are the Christians?
Where's the Faith?
What a mess!.

So what can we do?
We could fight with the government but that's like fighting a pile of rocks.  The other options are to keep the faith, love one another and pray.  There is another but most people ignore it because they're afraid it might be true. 

The Second Coming  
(Judgement day)
73% are Christians?
Keep the Faith