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Because of the commandment, help the poor, and in their need, do not send them away empty-handed.  Sir 29:09

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Are they okay?

Defund Planned

Help the world put an end to abortions.

 are large contributors to the abortion giant.
We urge you to no longer use their services until they stop supporting abortions. 

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Safilo Eyeware
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 Are a gift from God and should be celebrated, not desecrated. 

​Just how good and proper are you?

Do you believe abortions are okay?

 Remember the 5th Commandment,
 "Thou shalt not kill."

Abortions defy the will of our God.  In the bible Jesus says "woe to the ones who cause others to sin", which is very applicable to those who support abortions.

Let us pray for those who seek the wrath of God.

Curb the anger

Nothing good ever comes from being angry.
 You end up hurting others
 and It's always regrettable. Try to hold your breath next time you get the angers. 

​Wanna be rich?

"But woe to you who are rich, for you have received your consolation."  Lk: 6:24.

On the universal clock you have but a speck of time to either live a rich and care free life of drugs, anger, sex, drinking, pain, etc., or you can quietly adhere to the needs of a Christian life and tend to the gathering of treasures in heaven. 

So what say you?
It's a tough choice actually.
You can live it up now and then go to hell, or you can believe in the holy spirit of God and spend eternity in heaven.


Do what!!!

 What happened yesterday that would get you into the kingdom of Heaven?  Nothing? Something? You forget? 
 What do you mean what did I do?  What am I supposed to be doing?  Living in this zoo is hard enough without having to do extra stuff!

Well guess what?  You wasted a day, a complete day that you could have earned another little treasure in heaven, something to help sustain you for the long haul in eternal life. And you blew it!

Don't ever do that again,  never.  I don't care if your an atheist, Buddhist, rich-poor, smart-dumb, whatever, never let a day go by without helping somebody.  It doesn't matter what it is, buying coffee, giving directions, opening a door, mowing grass, answering a question and so on.  You can also help by not hurting.  Don't lie, don't cheat, don't hit or swear or degrade or wish ill to anybody at any time for any reason.  It takes practice but most of you can do it.  The rest of you are just too ornery to care and therefore you lose.  

 Why?  Because the only reason your on this earth right now is to serve God.  You do that by doing more good than others do evil.  It's very simple.  Good will win over evil.  It's guaranteed by you know who.


Always keep a short prayer in the back of your mind for those in need; a passing ambulance, someone confused, the poor in heart, a crying baby (or mother), etc.. 

Stand and protect your sons and daughters.

A mother should never be given the right to kill her offspring, and especially so without the consent of the father!

 Fathers are present at conception of the baby and should always be present and involved in any decisions concerning their babies.