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As you fence in your property with thorns, so make a door and a bolt for your mouth. Sir 28:21

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Same sex Marriages
Are they okay?

Defund Planned

Help the world put an end to abortions.

 are large contributors to the abortion giant.
We urge you to no longer use their services until they stop supporting abortions. 

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Wouldn't it be nice if you could wake up in the morning and take all the problems in the world and solve them.  No more sorrow or pain or fear, just  happy people enjoying life and each other forever.  Well that's what Jesus is going to do someday and we're all waiting for him.

Now for all you non-believers who don't believe in God, don't worry about it because your going to be put right where you belong.  So you all have a nice day! 

I hope it's tomorrow!

The trilogy
for Life

Biology 101
If it's growing, it's alive.

The Constitution
The unalienable Right to Life

Thou shall not Kill

Dear Government.:
Stop killing our babies


  Why again?
Why do we have to go through this again?
Why not stop the carnage? 
Why not start the wall?
Why not double the size of ICE?

Oh those politicians!  If they had more common sense than pride, Molley would still be here. 

​Just how good and proper are you?

Do you believe in the phrase "Once forgiven, always forgiven"?  Do you believe that baptism forgives all sins in the past, present and future? 

  Better not bet your eternal life on it.  You need to seek forgiveness of sins often in order to keep God in our life.

Lottery or deeds!

My neighbor was pretty happy last week because she had three numbers on her lottery ticket and won $5.  When I told her that it only cost her about $71 to do so, she wasn't so happy.  Then I told her that the lottery only benefits the government and not you or me.  She said "Yeah, but just wait until I hit the big one."  To that I replied, "Well okay, here's how you can do it:  Every week you go buy the same one dollar lottery ticket on Wednesday and Saturday, and sometime within the next 211,538 years you'll hit the big one and it will only cost you a little over $22,000,000.  She didn't believe me.

Anyway I told her a better idea if you want to dream big.  Every Sunday morning put some money in the Church envelope or take a kid to a movie or do something nice to those in need, and that evening you can sit back with a glass of wine and relax and dream of all the treasures in heaven that your building up.
Forget the lottery.

Killing humans!
Right or wrong?

You would think right away that it's wrong to be killing people, but there's a lot of that stuff going on around here and most of it is allowed our government.  Since 1973 they have sponsored the killing of over 60 million babies from women who felt it inconvenient to cope with their own flesh and blood.  God gives women the gift to give life and the government gives women the gift to kill.   
Right or wrong?

A judge or jury can decide life or death for those who are guilty of a crime.  God gives all people life and the government decides if the guilty should be put to death or live.
Right or wrong?

Is it right for a doctor or loved one to decide the time of death of the elderly.  Again, God gives live and man takes away.
Right or wrong.

What to do?
It's time to give back to God his rightful duty of deciding the who, when, and where people die.

And our government needs to enact laws to abolish this "Right to Kill" stigma that we Americans seem to have adopted as acceptable.
It is not and it is wrong.