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The death the tongue inflicts is an evil death, even Sheol is preferable to it. Sir 28:21

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Help the world put an end to abortions.

 are large contributors to the abortion giant.
We urge you to no longer use their services until they stop supporting abortions. 

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​How good are you?

Do you believe in the phrase "Once forgiven, always forgiven"?  Do you believe that baptism forgives all sins in the past, present and future? 
  Better not bet your eternal life on it.

Do you believe abortions are okay? 
 It defies the will of God. 
No one has a right to kill another human being

Do you think it's okay to cheat on your spouse and you'll seek forgiveness later? 
 Wrong thought process.  Adultery is a sin because it hurts others.

Do you think telling lies are okay because nobody ever knows? 
 Someone always knows and besides, people deserve to know the truth.

After you leave the store and find out the cashier refunded you $5 too much, are you going to keep it?
  Better to turn around than to be a thief.

Do you treat your employees as well as you treat yourself on Christmas?  Hording money is the sin of greed and it puts a barrier between you and God.  You have to clearly choose one or the other.

Do you care for others and try to assist the less fortunate?
  Sending $10 to the Red Cross every year doesn't count.  You need to physically help others every day, somehow.

Do you think porn and social sex are okay? 
 They decay morality and sins of the flesh will drive a nail through your spiritual life.

Liberals hit a new low this week when a sick female comedian attacked the First Lady with vile, filthy language.
  Morality is lacking in her make-up and her heart must be aching from sadness when she has to use garbage to get a laugh.  When your this low there's not much farther to go.
  Someone has to help her turn around before it's too late, someone she trusts.  If only she could know God.
If you have any questions or care to see where you stand in life, read the last two chapters of the Book of  Revelation.

Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif.

  A bad tree cannot bear good fruit, and a bad politician cannot bear good representation.

Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., needs to resign for invoking mob violence against members of the Presidents staff.

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Biology 101
If it's growing, it's alive.

The Constitution
The unalienable Right to Life

Thou shall not Kill

 Puten & Trump 

 Are they right?

Did the democrats dream up the Russian intervention in our elections so they could have reason for impeachment? 

It makes one wonder!

  It is evil that preys on helpless babies and only righteousness will overcome it, for the gates of hell shall never prevail over the word of God.